The Famous Toronto Zoo

Toronto Zoo is an ideal place for families with kids of any age. It is a perfect place to spend a Saturday roaming the trails while looking at the animals. Toronto Zoo is one of the world’s finest zoos and opens all year round; however, the hours vary on the year.

The zoo does not display some animals during winters while closing some of the other attractions of the zoo. The ideal time to visit Toronto Zoo is in the fall or spring when the weather is perfect for visiting the zoo. Since it is not too hot or too cold to walk around, it makes the two seasons an ideal time to enjoy an entire day at Toronto Zoo.

Education and conservations are crucial mandates for the zoo because many animals present inside Toronto Zoo are either endangered or threatened. Therefore, the zoo offers numerous conservation projects allowing the public to join in to play their part.

Moreover, Toronto Zoo offers an extensive range of educational programs, such as summer camps, school programming, and family experiences, including the Serengeti Bush Camp sleepover. The zoo is geographically designed, making it the only zoo to group animals and plants this way. Following are the seven categories to group animals:

  • Africa
  • the Americas
  • Australasia
  • Canadian Domain
  • Eurasia
  • Indo-Malaya
  • Tundra Trek

Area it covers

Toronto Zoo covers 287 hectares, making it one of the largest zoos in the world. It has over 10km of walking trails, making it challenging to cover the entire place in a day. Therefore, it is best to select some enclosures and divide your time to enjoy each category. People often skip the Canadian Domain since they have already seen those animals in the wild, giving them some additional time to explore the other zoo categories.

However, everyone has their preferences. It is better to research the categories before you visit the zoo. It will help you decide which enclosures you wish to see while saving you time to enjoy watching your favorite animals.

Other activities at Toronto Zoo

Moreover, Toronto Zoo has several other activities for its visitors to enjoy. Following are some activities that people enjoy during their visit to the zoo.

The Zellers Discovery Zone

It is a unique area designed for children to interact with domestic animals and explore structural playgrounds. It also has the Waterside Theatre, presenting family-friendly animal shows occasionally, and the Splash Island water play area.

The Zoomobile

The train circles the zoo, allowing visitors to board or depart the train at any five stations located around the property. The pass bought for the train is valid for the entire day, making it easier for families with kids to cover most of the enclosures. The passes cost $7 for each person, whereas a pack of four tickets costs $24. (The price may vary). Unfortunately, visitors cannot experience it all year round; therefore, it is better to check if it is available before planning your visit.

The Conservation Carousel

It is a unique carousel with endangered species. The ticket costs $3 per ride or $10 for four rides. It is open from 12:00-4:30 on the weekends if the weather is pleasant. (The price may vary).

Animal rides

Depending on the weather, visitors can also enjoy camel rides and pony rides. A camel ride costs $6, and a pony ride costs $5. Please be careful with the weight restrictions. (The price may vary).

Be sure to check out this attraction too!

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