Port Union Waterfront Park

Port Union Waterfront Park has four kilometres of the lakefront trail from highland Creek to Rouge River, featuring mesmerizing views. Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) created this picturesque waterfront park, and Waterfront Toronto funded it. The project’s completion year was 2012. Port Union Waterfront Park connects Port Union and Lake Ontario, benefiting numerous people.

Area it covers

Toronto and Region Conservation Authority (TRCA) built the park to revitalize Toronto’s Waterfront. The 3.8-kilometre trail runs across the waterfront park, offering scenic views. There are numerous entrance points, including Rouge Beach Park on the east, East Point Park to the west, or through the pedestrian tunnel near Rouge Hill GO Station. You may walk under the CN railway tracks and will experience the hues of blue, hinting at the arrival of the destination.

Families frequently visit Port Union Waterfront Park to enjoy the beautiful view with their children. The park features plenty of benches, a splash pad, public washrooms, shade from the sun, and a children’s playground. The covered pavilion is the best spot to set up a picnic.

Plenty of rock boulders are dispersed in the area, allowing visitors to sit or take in the waterfront.

What is the best time to visit Port Union Waterfront Park?

The Port Union Waterfront Park remains open all year round. People prefer visiting it during the daylight to enjoy the beautiful views of nature. However, the authorities do not maintain the trail during winters Families can easily spend one and a half hours at the spot.

Things to do at Port Union Waterfront Park

Port Union Waterfront Park offers multiple activities for its visitors. Following are the activities you can enjoy at Port Union Waterfront Park:

  • Walk through the trail to enjoy the views of Lake Ontario.
  • You can use the track for skateboarding, bike riding, or even hiking.
  • You may rest at the cobblestone beaches
  • Watch birds chirp
  • Watch wildlife
  • You can also see trumpeter swans and other shorebirds.
  • You can learn about the ecosystems and aquatic habitat through the display boards.
  • Plan a picnic at Rouge beach

How to reach Port Union Waterfront Park?

There are multiple ways to reach Port Union, Waterfront Park. Even if you do not live nearby, you do not have to worry. Here, we have four ways of reaching your destination.

  • If you do not live near the destination, the best way to reach there is to drive to Port Union Village Common Park, located near the waterfront park.
  • You can also reach Port Union Waterfront Park by accessing the trail from Rouge beach.
  • Another way to reach your destination is to use the trail from the city of Pickering waterfront through the pedestrian bridge. You can easily park your car here.
  • You can also access the Port Union Waterfront Park through the pedestrian tunnel at the Rouge Hill Station.

What Other Amenities Does the Park Offer?

Port Union Waterfront Park also offers many other facilities. Some of these services include:

  • Benches along the trail
  • Bike Racks.
  • Washrooms
  • Spray park
  • Children’s playground

Be sure to check out this attraction too!

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