Morningside Park

Every time people visit Harlem, people have fantastic experiences. The place has many offers to its visitors- from art to delicious restaurants. The neighborhood is rich with a lot to share. With the convenient location, a few blocks away from Riverside Park, the Apollo Theater, St. Nicholas Park, Columbia University, and the northern tip of Central Park, in the heart of Northern Manhattan, lies Morningside Park. Its ideal location makes Morningside Park a perfect place for wanderers, bike riders, and walking tours.

Moreover, the park offers a picturesque view and has it all – landmarked architecture, practical outdoor amenities, grand landscapes, and commanding views. Located through the neighborhoods of Harlem, Morningside Park blends well with its surroundings. Built on a steep incline, many playgrounds nestle at the bottom of the hillside, forcing visitors to pause along its heights to enjoy the scenic view.

Refreshing paths with flowers and trees bordering it led it to a mesmerizing waterfall. Parents often bring their children to play in its playgrounds and learn after-school activities. However, on Saturdays, people often come across farmers selling goods at the outdoor markets.

The beautiful park got its name from the eastern side of the rugged cliff of Manhattan schist, separating the Harlem Plain to the east and Morningside Heights on the west. Morningside Park includes

  • rock outcroppings
  • an artificial ornamental pond
  • waterfall
  • three sculptures
  • several athletic fields
  • playgrounds
  • an arboretum

Moreover, the New York City Department of Parks and Recreation looks after the park, whereas the group Friends of Morningside Park also plays a significant role in maintaining it.

Geographical features

The park has an irregular shape and follows a north-south alignment, even though the northern portion of Morningside Park curves westward. Furthermore, until 1911, all the sidewalks were asphalt, but since 2008, the pathways have Belgian blocks, concrete, and trees. The park has seventeen entrances.

Recreational features

The park offers several sporting fields. A basketball court and two baseball fields nestle at the southern end of Morningside Park. Moreover, the park also has three more basketball courts near its central portion, whereas, to the north, it has four handball courts and two baseball courts. There is a restroom on 123rd street and children’s play structures on multiple streets, including 110th, 113th, 116th, 118th, and 123rd Streets.

Moreover, the park has an enclosed space for dog owners to bring their pets for a walk or play around. It consists of woodchips over dirt with two fenced-in areas with multiple sections, separated by steps. Dog owners can easily access the dog run section from 114th Street and 116th Streets. Furthermore, at 121st Street, Morningside Park has a barbecue area.

Paths and plantings

The Morningside Park’s design had many paths and plantings. These paths followed the topography and several locations had stone steps that connected paths at different locations. The stone stairs merged two portions of 120th street and 116th street. The tracks were made of concrete, gravel, and asphalt, whereas the staircase had bluestone with rockwork edging. Over the years, benches, railings, fences, and lights were added to the property while removing the rockwork edging.

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