Kidstown Water Park – A Great Place to Spend a Saturday with Family

Like the other towns of the world, Toronto is famous for its peaceful but exciting parks. Kidstown is one of the most popular water parks in Toronto. The waterpark gives the visitors a chance to relax with their families. Moreover, it also offers areas for celebrations, resting on the grass, meditating, exercising, meeting people in your spare time, and arranging a picnic.

Everyone knows the best way to stay cool in hot summers is by visiting water parks. The splashing waters freshen the minds and bodies. It also relaxes and releases the stress caused due to excessive busy schedules. Moreover, it provides an opportunity for families to mingle and spend time together.

Similarly, Kidstown Water Park provides the residents of Toronto an excellent opportunity to enjoy summers by splashing in the water and enjoying the different activities offered by the amusement park. The splashy water play and spray ground will help the visitors stay cool in hot summers.

Who Designed Kidstown Water Park?

Stefan Bolliger Associates Inc. designed Kidstown Water Park in collaboration with Sievenpiper Associates Inc in central Scarborough. Kidstown Water Park is a famous place in the town and a great escape from challenging routines.

The main water feature of the park was designed as a sea monster, with three slides that went directly into shallow waters. Moreover, Stefan Bolliger Associates Inc. and Sievenpiper Associates Inc created an extensive range of water play elements and successfully implemented them. Kidstown Water Park evolved with time and added more exciting features for the visitors to experience.

What can you do inside Kidstown Water Park?

The City of Toronto operates Kidstown Water Park. It is a famous accessible outdoor aquatic facility for preschool and grade school children. The waterpark offers numerous activities for the kids to enjoy. Families can enjoy picnics on the grassy fields, while children can run around in the playground. It is the best place to enjoy a family picnic, where older kids can watch their siblings play while they want the park’s atmosphere. The waterpark facilities include the change room and picnic areas, which they renewed and redesigned.

The park offers an extensive range of fun activities, such as a tipping bucket, splash pad, squirting aquatic animals, spray rings, a slide, a wading pool, and more for the kids to enjoy. It is the best place to bring your family to enjoy a day out.

What are The Timings of Kidstown Water Park?

Kidstown remains open from mid-June until the Sunday of the Labor Day weekend and closes on Labor Day.

Following are the timings of Kidstown Water Park.

  • Sunday 11am–7pm
  • Monday 11 am–7 pm
  • Tuesday 11 am–7 pm
  • Wednesday 11 am–7 pm
  • Thursday 11 am–7 pm
  • Friday                 11am–7pm
  • Saturday 11 am – 7 pm

What Are The Other Accessibility Features?

The park offers many accessibility features. Some of these features are as follows:

  • Water fountains
  • Accessible parking spots 4
  • A sidewalk to the entrance
  • Staffed reception desk
  • Wheel-Trans drop-off/pick up
  • Accessible washrooms
  • Ramp into pool

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